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Oh, Nancy, I so enjoyed our interview on yesterday.  It was ah-mazing once we got the technology to get in order.  LOL!
I want to say "THANK YOU" once again for the honor and privilege to be a part of your  Live By Design Inspiration Radio. Karlyn Henderson - Poimena Consulting 

Karlyn Henderson

Nancy has been such an inspiration in my life. Her testimonies encouraged me to pursue my dream. I always limited myself because I thought “I do not have what it takes” or I am not smart enough. I never thought that I was a good student either.

Nancy showed me how to step out of the boat and start doing what I was dreaming about. I went back to school and studied to become a Fitness Trainer. Today I am a certified Fitness Trainer and passed the practical part with an “A” and also received an “A” for my “Hausarbeit” (term paper).

Thank you Nancy for everything and continue to be a channel for God to inspire and love His people. Everything is possible with Him.


Love always, Jaqueline Jennings - USA

Dear Nancy,

I have just finished reading your book which a friend blessed me with. It is really amazing, and it has really given me ideas of how to deal with procastination. I thank the Lord for giving you the time, strength and wisdom to write and publish this book. I pray that He opens more wide doors for you to achieve the plans He has for your life. Take care and stay blessed. http://www.maryshomecooking.de/en/



M. Baubeng , Marys Catering and Party Service

Nancy's book, 7 Steps To Success - How To Set and Achieve Your Goals, is an inspiring and practical guide for anyone to take a planned approach to achieving their goals in business, ministry, or sports.

Her "heart" of wanting to see others reach the fullness of their potential lies in her own courageous journey through life and the truths she has learned and now shares from her extraordinary experiences. A good read.


Steve Selthoffer

Do you have trouble to clearly walk in the vision you have in your heart?
Do you not know on how to successfully master your life?
Do you want to know on how to set goals and keep them? ... I would suggest this book to you.
This book will help you to reach your goals by breaking down your goals to smaller ones and setting short-term goals that are achievable.
This book will help you   to understand how daily priorities will lead you to fulfil the vision you have in your heart.
This book will help you to truly being successful in your life.
I have recommended this book to several people already, because I believe it is a helpful tool to live a successful life one step at a time.

Rev. Monika Wagner, Director RHEMA Bible Training Center Europe

Hi Nancy,
I read your book this morning. Awesome...  I do not just say that, because for the past 20 years I have tried to find and read anything I can get my hands on about success living.. . Your book combines the proven success tips in a simple but wonderful word way. Thank you for doing it.
Your Brother in Christ Chris & Susanne Olson.

Chris Olson

Dear Nancy,

I want to compliment you on your book ... 7 Steps To Success - How To Set and Achieve Your Goals. Whenever one person inspires another to go after their dreams and then helps them fulfill that dream they have done a great service to humanity. When so many want to "conform" you have told them how to "transform" their lives so they can make a difference in this world.


Pastor John Grunewald

Nancy's book offers the best tools and principles that anyone can use. And that gets a new business running. The 7 Steps to Success - How To Set and Achieve Your Goals gives a clear defined path to a richer and more fulfilling life. It is very practical and insightful.
Thank you, Nancy.

Hermann J. Karbaum President, WMS World Marketing

Thanks for the "Set Goals 4 Success" Workshop. First, I truly enjoyed the "live your goal". You should have seen me with my camera! Lovely exercise Nancy! What I took home was " breakdown the big dream into small manageable dreams." We wrote down our 3 months dream, 6 months dream and future dream. My days goal was - "... talk to each an every participant for at least 3minutes". I am proud to say that I spoke with every participant (my days goal). I took photos in a graduation dinner party a week later, achieving my 6 months goal which was (photograph an event ).

Nancy Nyambura Kiarie - Bonn

I used to wonder why my New Year resolutions and goals did not last long... Now I know what to do. Your book was an eye-opener! Thanks Nancy.


Kim Munene - Germany

Hi Nancy,
Happy New Year too. I have always wanted to write u back and let U know how much I appreciate your Tips. I thank God that there are people like you out there. Nancy you have been a blessing to me and I hope to continue hearing from you. May the Almighty God continue blessing you.

Warm Greetings

Jenny C. - Manheim

Nancy's "7 steps to success" is an inspiring, motivating and encouraging read. It's the kind of book that you want to take with you everywhere you go... An absolute gift in itself for people in all walks of life.

Mary Fischer - Switzerland

Dear Nancy,

I started reading your book a few days after I bought it, since then I've read it every at opportunity I could get! I must say it has given me much inspiration, motivation and insight into what I have been missing or just blundering, unaware of whats happening around me. I know that I shall treasure your words and try to live by them. I'm sure most of your readers will also be impressed by your book, CONGRATULATIONS!

We look forward to your next book.

Stay well and God Bless You.

Charles and Florence Gasse: Rheinbach Germany

Das Buch ist nicht nur gut, es ist super klasse. Ich werde demnächst noch weitere 10 Exemplare zum Verschenken kaufen, denn es lohnt sich!!! Du wolltest Autorin werden? Du bist es! Das Buch beinhaltet genau das, woran die Menschheit krankt und zeigt in toller Weise, wie der Weg heraus führt. Es ist Weg weisend. Dieses Buch wird viel Segen zu den Menschen bringen, wenn sie das Geschriebene beherzigen. Auch die Art wie Du schreibst, ist einfach klasse.

Doro Altenfelder - Bonn Germany

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